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Is he important to you? More important than anything? Is he... as though he were a part of you?
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I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down.

Kirk: Ha ha, anon that’s a good one.

Spock: I have never understood the human need of puns.

Kirk: *shrugs* They’re just for fun really. Some of them are actually really good.

Spock: Do you know of any Jim?

Kirk: *grins* A few.

Spock: *quirks eyebrow* Would you care to share?

Kirk: *laughs* I know for a fact, Spock that you will make fun of me.

Spock: I would not and have not done such a thing, T’hy’la.

Kirk: Liar.

Spock: *tilts head* Are you not willing to share?

Kirk: *grins and shakes head* Alright, I’ll give you a few but you can’t laugh.

Spock: I do not laugh Jim.

Kirk: Right. Okay so…. Pencils could be made with erasers at both ends, but what would be the point?

Spock: *quirks eyebrow* Continue.

Kirk: Ummm… A bicycle can’t stand on its own because it is two-tired.

Spock: I believe I can feel my intelligence decreasing by the second.

Kirk: *laughs* Who needs puns and jokes when you’ve got a Spock. *kisses Spock’s cheek*

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What do you two fight about?

Kirk: We don’t fight about a lot of things but Spock does seem to enjoy lecturing me about my “reckless” behavior and how it’s apparently inappropriate to grab, smack or squeeze his ass in public.

Spock: It is completely inappropriate, Jim.

Kirk: I never do it when we’re on duty.

Spock: Just because we are not on duty, Jim does not change the fact that we are the commanding team of this vessel. I will not endure anymore of the women crew members giggling when they come across me. Besides, it is incredibly demeaning.

Kirk: *grins* I’m sorry, it’s just really hard not to want to touch your ass. I mean, come on. It’s amazing. I think most people would agree with me.

Spock: *blushes* Ashaya, please.

Kirk: *laughs* Just so you know, he’s being really tame about this argument right now. He usually is ripping me a new one.

Spock: *furrows brows* I have never once “ripped you a new one.” And, I will admit to not even comprehending what that phrase is supposed to convey.

Kirk: It’s… nevermind.

Spock: *quirks eyebrow*

Kirk: Your ass really is ass-sthetically pleasing.

Spock: *stares at Jim blankly before getting up and leaving*

Kirk: *laughs*

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star trek 3 starts. we see jim kirk underneath someone as he and the mysterious character are makin’ out on a bed. the lights are off. jim kirk says “i love you” between breaths. there is a silence as both pause. we feel a sense of peculiar deja vu. we wait as suspense builds and the character above him conjures a response. “fascinating.”

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So, is Kirk's goal in life to repopulate the universe with a bunch of little Spocks?

Kirk: Yes.

Spock: Jim-

Kirk: No, end of question, Spock. Done. Over. Finished. 

Spock: Yes, Jim but-

Kirk: Did you not hear me, the question has been answered one hundred percent accurately. There’s no debate. Abru’ abru’ abru’ (over). This conversation is over.

Spock: If you are quite done.

Kirk: Are you gonna argue about our baby Spock’s?

Spock: I was only going to point out that we could not-

Kirk: Nope! Not gonna listen! It’s gonna happen and you cannot tell me otherwise.

Spock: *sighs* If we were to repopulate the entire universe Jim, it would require us to resign from Star Fleet so we would be able to commence with the reproductive process.

Kirk: Are you suggesting we quit our jobs and just have sex all day, every day.

Spock: No, I am not suggesting that, I am merely trying to explain to how impractical, impossible, and illogical the idea is.

Kirk: See this is were you’re wrong.

Spock: How?

Kirk: *grins* It’s not an idea, it’s reality. it’s our future!

Spock: It is not.

Kirk: *laughs and puts arm around Spock’s shoulders* You say that now, ashaya, you say that now.

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Why are you two both so self-deprecating? It's obvious you belong together. You deserve each other. How can you believe anything else? <3

Kirk: Thanks. *smiles* Some times I do wonder how I was able to catch such an amazing guy like Spock.

Spock: It was not a matter of catching me, T’hy’la. I was drawn to you from the moment I met you.

Kirk: That’s not true, you hated me.

Spock: I never hated, and could never hate you.

Kirk: *laughs* Okay, disliked, extremely disliked.

Spock: *furrows brows* You often bring up the fact that at the being of our acquaintance we did not particularly enjoy the others company. Why?

Kirk: *shrugs* I do not know, some times I worry that one day you’ll realize how illogical I am, and that you’ll leave. I guess it’s my way of trying to get you to show me that at least for now you wont leave.

Spock: T’hy’la, I do not understand your fear of my abandoning you.

Kirk: Everyone else has, why shouldn’t you?

Spock: Jim, that is nonsense. I understand that your past has been difficult and it is unfortunate, and pains me that you did not get the love and support that you needed of others, but I will no long tolerate your self-doubt, especially when it had to do with our relationship. *takes Jim’s hands in his* I will never will you, ashaya. You must believe me.

Kirk: *sighs* And, I do. I really do. I don’t know, I’m just messed up.

Kirk: *smiles sadly at Spock* I’ll be better I promise.

Spock: All I want is for you to understand my unwavering regard for you. You have stated yourself that you do not feel you could live without me, yes?

Kirk: *nods*

Spock: Well, it is the same for me, Jim. Abundantly so.

Kirk: *smiles and leans in to kiss Spock*

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what would people hear if they could read your mind?

Kirk: *laughs* Well, Spock can read my mind, so…

Spock: It can be quite disturbing.

Kirk: Hey! *shoves Spock’s shoulders*

Spock: Actually, Jim’s imagination is quite colorful and extensive.

Kirk: *smirks* Imagination you say?

Spock: T’hy’la, that is most certainly not what I meant.

Kirk: *grins* But, you don’t deny that that’s part of it.

Spock: Well,  yes of course, it is you we are talking about.

Kirk: *laughs* I don’t know if I should be offended or flattered by the comment.

Spock: It was never my intend to offend.

Kirk: Mmm… So, do you enjoy my imagination?

Spock: There are times when I wish you would keep them more controlled. You think of the most inappropriate things at times, ashaya.

Kirk: *grins* I can’t help it, I mean I have this sexy Vulcan husband, and I know some people would see it as a crime to not fantasize about you.

Spock: *quirks eyebrow* Indeed?

Kirk: *nods and scoots closer to Spock* Mhmm…

Spock: And, Jim might I ask…

Kirk: Yeah? *runs hand up the inside of Spock’s thigh*

Spock: What would people hear if they could read my mind?

Kirk: *scowls* You’re not as into this as I thought you were.

Spock: *corners of lips twitch*

Kirk: That’s hateful. *pulls away from Spock* 

Spock: Are you not going to answer the query?

Kirk: *rolls eyes and tries not to smile* It depends on what you’re doing, sometimes its calculations, well that’s mostly what it is. Ummm, you think about your mother quite a bit, along with Sarek and me. Also, when one of the crewmen says something extremely illogical to you, I like to try to hear your internal debate on what they could have possibly meant.

Spock: Do you find that amusing?

Kirk: *giggles* Very much so.

Spock: *shakes head* Of course.

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Hello guys:*! (I dearly love you both!) My question is: which one of you said "I love you" first? Were you affraid of a (small) possibility of being rejected?

Kirk: It was Spock actually. *looks at Spock* Right, ashaya?

Spock: I believe so, T’hy’la.

Kirk: *grins* Wasn’t it when we went to lunch with my mom?

Spock: *nods* I believe so.

Kirk: And, she was telling awful stories about me, being her embarrassing self. And, then I said something, I don’t remember what, making her laugh and ask you *mocks his mom’s voice* “don’t you just love him?” and you looked at me very seriously and said *mocks Spock* “I believe I do.”

Spock: *quirks amused eyebrow*

Kirk: *grins and intertwines fingers with Spock’s* From then on I knew was doomed.

Spock: Doomed?

Kirk: *grins* Doomed.

Spock: *corners of lips twitch and kisses Jim’s forehead* Also, I did not fear Jim’s possible rejection. It would be illogical to fear something that one knows is impossible.

Kirk: That’s a pretty bold thing to say, ashalik.

Spock: I knew you harbored a great deal of affection for me.

Kirk: Oh? And, how were you so sure?

Spock: I could feel it on several occasions while you were in contact with me.

Kirk: *laughs* I always use to forget that you were a touch telepath.*scoots over to Spock and kisses him* Now, I never forget.

Spock: *kisses Jim again and pulls him into his lap* I love you, Jim.

Kirk: And, I you, T’hy’la. *grins and kisses Spock deeply*

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Have you ever been to a homophobic planet before? If so, were you discriminated for being married/bonded to each other?

Spock: We encountered a planet that was against homosexual relationships just recently.

Kirk: We weren’t really discriminated against because we kept our marriage to ourselves, none of the natives knew and we stayed in separate rooms while on the planet. We were there for three days. *looks at Spock* I missed you.

Spock: Your absence during the night was mutually felt… to extremity.

Kirk: *smiles* I hated sleeping in that big bed all by myself. Especially knowing you were just across the hall.

Spock: vesht dungi ki’sarlah nash-veh ashaya. (I would have come, love) If I could have.

Kirk: *intertwines fingers with Spock’s* I know, babe. It just sucked that I couldn’t even sneak in a Vulcan kiss at least a couple times.

Spock: *slides fingers along Jim’s* You know we could not risk it.

Kirk: *nods*

Spock: I disliked seeing your uneasiness and being unable to do anything about it.

Kirk: *smiles* I just missed you so much. Which is silly because I saw you everyday all day, but it just wasn’t the same. Every night I crawled into bed and buried myself into your sweater.

Spock: *quirks eyebrow* I did not know that you brought along my sweater.

Kirk: *nods* It helped, but it wasn’t the same as having you wrapped around me.

Spock: No, I can assume not. But, I am here now, T’hy’la.

Kirk: *grins* You are, and I am never sleeping away from you again, if I can help it.

Spock: *corners of lips twitch* 

Kirk: Next time we’ll stay on the ship, kay? In our own bed. *snuggles into Spock*

Spock: There is no other place I would rather sleep, than in our bed with you, my love.

Kirk: *grins* You’re being awful sappy tonight, ashalik.

Spock: You make me sappy. *kisses Jim’s hair*

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Spock, do you like seeing Jim wearing your clothes? Jim do you like wearing Spock's clothes?

Kirk: Spock has this black sweater that’s really stretched out in the sleeve area and I love wearing it.

Spock: My mother purchased that sweater for me, so I would not become overly cold during my stay on Earth. I find it rather pleasing to see it on your person.

Kirk: *grins* When I first started wearing it, it smelt like you but, now it’s kind of faded. *sticks bottom lip out*

Spock: I will wear the sweater again for you, T’hy’la, so that my scent is once again upon the garment.

Kirk: *grins* Thanks ashaya. As for Spock wearing my clothes, he really doesn’t wear anything but my sweat pants, and he’ll wear my Academy hoodie when he’s not feeling well. *looks at Spock* I love it when you wear my pants by the way, your ass looks amazing in them.

Spock: *quirks eyebrow* How so?

Kirk: I don’t know, the way the cling to your hips and hang on you is just really attractive.

Spock: Am I to wear your sweat pants more often?

Kirk: *grins* Only if you want.

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