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imagine your otp punching each other right in the face


i don’t have to

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Anonymous - ya'akash:
*magic anon* ping! Spock has a sneezey sniffly cold for the next three asks - risk catching it and snuggle better, Jim? Or safe distance?

Spock: *sneezes*

Kirk: *frowns* Baby… *rubs Spock’s back*

Spock: I am alright, Jim.

Kirk: You need anything?

Spock: No, but you might want to take anon’s latter suggestion and keep your distance.

Kirk: *furrow brows* Absolutely not.

Spock: Jim, you are the captain of the ship you cannot afford to become ill.

Kirk: Spock you are far more important to me. You’re unwell and it’s my job as your husband and bondmate to take care of you.

Spock: *sighs softly*

Kirk: *kisses Spock’s forehead*

Spock: May I have plomeek soup?

Kirk: *smiles* Of course, ashaya. *grabs blanket on back of couch and wraps it around Spock’s shoulders* My own personal Vulcan burrito.

Spock: *sneeze violently* Jim….

Kirk: Okay, okay. Soup and… Kleenex. 

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Anonymous - ya'akash:
Okay... I need help. Say girl likes guy. Like really likes him. She's freaking out because of it. She wants to tell guy, but she has an anxiety disorder and is scared to. What should girl do?! He's a Varsity Football Player and I'm the band nerd.... Btw i adore you guys. Hi Spock!!!

Kirk: First of all, don’t ever make yourself into the lower, unworthy factor in this equation. Just because he’s on the football team does NOT back him better than you.

Spock: *nods* You may try talking to him and gaining a relationship with him if you do not already have one.

Kirk: Yeah or you could just come out and tell him. I mean the worst that could happen is that he would lose out on someone amazing. 

Spock: That is something you must remember. Do not feel inferior regardless of the outcome.

Kirk: Yep and if he does end up liking you and you guys end up happy, that’s fantastic but promise me you will never think the words “I can’t believe a guy like him could like a girl like me.” Never ever. He’s lucky. Not the other way around. 

Spock: Confidence is key.

Kirk: *grins* What Spock said!

(Hello, dear. I thought I would throw in here that I too have social anxiety and I know how scary it is to go talk to someone, especially about something as sensitive as your feelings. But, sometimes you just have got to push down the shakes and jitters. Breath deeply to slow down that pounding heart beat and go for it. I promise it will all be okay and work out for the best! And, when your done talking to him THEN you can go throw up lol. I’m joking although that’s how i feel sometimes. Anyway, good luck. And I hope you find your happiness!)

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My father broke my heart long before any boy had the chance to.

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insp. (x) and (x)

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Brother, friend, lover. 

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Anonymous - ya'akash:
Does Kirk ever refer to Spock and Bones as his "boys in blue"?

Kirk: *laughs* No, I don’t but that’s brilliant. I do sometimes call them dumb and dumber which really isn’t all that unique but it’s funny because Spock doesn’t get it at all and Bones gets really pissed.

Spock: Since you have begun referring to Dr. McCoy and I as such I have been called Lloyd Christmas by the command team many times. They refuses to explain. 

Kirk: *laughs* Why don’t you just look it up?

Spock: Because, I am positive it is of low intellect and I will not find it at all humorous or amusing.

Kirk: Still sounds like you’re bothered by not knowing.

Spock: I do not get bothered.

Kirk: *grins* Yes, you do. You did last night.

Spock: *narrows eyes* Must you always bring coitus into every conversation?

Kirk: *puts hands up in surrender* Hey, you said it not me. I was actually talking about our sparring session last night. 

Spock: I still can not tell if that is a double entendre.

Kirk: *laughs and kisses Spock’s cheek* No, ashaya.

Spock: I do not believe you.

Kirk: Why not?!

Spock: Because you are illogical.

Kirk: *laughs* Whatever you say, Lloyd.

Spock: *glares*

Kirk: If it makes you feel better I’ll start calling you my boys in blue.

Spock: Your “boys”

Kirk: *grins and kisses Spock* Okay, my boy. Better?

Spock: Somewhat, but I am not a boy. I am a grown man.

Kirk: *grins* Okay, my man.

Spock: *kisses Jim*

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