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Anonymous - ya'akash:
Does Kirk ever refer to Spock and Bones as his "boys in blue"?

Kirk: *laughs* No, I don’t but that’s brilliant. I do sometimes call them dumb and dumber which really isn’t all that unique but it’s funny because Spock doesn’t get it at all and Bones gets really pissed.

Spock: Since you have begun referring to Dr. McCoy and I as such I have been called Lloyd Christmas by the command team many times. They refuses to explain. 

Kirk: *laughs* Why don’t you just look it up?

Spock: Because, I am positive it is of low intellect and I will not find it at all humorous or amusing.

Kirk: Still sounds like you’re bothered by not knowing.

Spock: I do not get bothered.

Kirk: *grins* Yes, you do. You did last night.

Spock: *narrows eyes* Must you always bring coitus into every conversation?

Kirk: *puts hands up in surrender* Hey, you said it not me. I was actually talking about our sparring session last night. 

Spock: I still can not tell if that is a double entendre.

Kirk: *laughs and kisses Spock’s cheek* No, ashaya.

Spock: I do not believe you.

Kirk: Why not?!

Spock: Because you are illogical.

Kirk: *laughs* Whatever you say, Lloyd.

Spock: *glares*

Kirk: If it makes you feel better I’ll start calling you my boys in blue.

Spock: Your “boys”

Kirk: *grins and kisses Spock* Okay, my boy. Better?

Spock: Somewhat, but I am not a boy. I am a grown man.

Kirk: *grins* Okay, my man.

Spock: *kisses Jim*

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Anonymous - ya'akash:
What do you wish for more than anything?

Kirk: A long and happy life with my husband.

Spock: That was to be my answer.

Kirk: *grins* I would say sorry for stealing it but, I’m not.

Spock: *corners of lips twitch* No, I would not wish you to be.

Kirk: So, what would you choose other than that?

Spock: Possibly for Selek to tell me what would be an appropriate gift to give you for our anniversary.

Kirk: *laughs* Really?

Spock: Indeed, he continues to… taunt me with the knowledge that he in fact knows the perfect thing because it is what he gave his Jim, but he will not tell me.

Kirk: What a tease.

Spock: *quirks eyebrow* Quite right.

Kirk: *laughs* You’re perfect.

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Anonymous - ya'akash:
Kirk! I have a question for you! On a scale of 1 to 10, how cute is Spock when he is sleeping?

Kirk: Fifteen! Totally. 

Spock: *quirks eyebrow*

Kirk: You ever see a kitten sleep? Yeah, that’s Spock. 

Spock: A kitten?

Kirk: *grins* Yeah, you even twitch occasionally. It’s really the cutest thing ever.

Spock: Ashaya…

Kirk: Also, you don’t know this but when I have to get up earlier than you for work purposes, which by the way doesn’t happen often, I usually watch you for awhile. I also make sure I kiss the tip of your ear before I leave.

Spock: *corner of lips twitch* If you are not careful, T’hy’la people will start to believe you are in love with me.

Kirk: *grins* Well, I guess it’s a good thing I actually am.

Spock: *gives Jim a Vulcan kiss* I love you so much, ashaya.

Kirk: *kisses Spock deeply*

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Anonymous - ya'akash:
I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down.

Kirk: Ha ha, anon that’s a good one.

Spock: I have never understood the human need of puns.

Kirk: *shrugs* They’re just for fun really. Some of them are actually really good.

Spock: Do you know of any Jim?

Kirk: *grins* A few.

Spock: *quirks eyebrow* Would you care to share?

Kirk: *laughs* I know for a fact, Spock that you will make fun of me.

Spock: I would not and have not done such a thing, T’hy’la.

Kirk: Liar.

Spock: *tilts head* Are you not willing to share?

Kirk: *grins and shakes head* Alright, I’ll give you a few but you can’t laugh.

Spock: I do not laugh Jim.

Kirk: Right. Okay so…. Pencils could be made with erasers at both ends, but what would be the point?

Spock: *quirks eyebrow* Continue.

Kirk: Ummm… A bicycle can’t stand on its own because it is two-tired.

Spock: I believe I can feel my intelligence decreasing by the second.

Kirk: *laughs* Who needs puns and jokes when you’ve got a Spock. *kisses Spock’s cheek*

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Anonymous - ya'akash:
What do you two fight about?

Kirk: We don’t fight about a lot of things but Spock does seem to enjoy lecturing me about my “reckless” behavior and how it’s apparently inappropriate to grab, smack or squeeze his ass in public.

Spock: It is completely inappropriate, Jim.

Kirk: I never do it when we’re on duty.

Spock: Just because we are not on duty, Jim does not change the fact that we are the commanding team of this vessel. I will not endure anymore of the women crew members giggling when they come across me. Besides, it is incredibly demeaning.

Kirk: *grins* I’m sorry, it’s just really hard not to want to touch your ass. I mean, come on. It’s amazing. I think most people would agree with me.

Spock: *blushes* Ashaya, please.

Kirk: *laughs* Just so you know, he’s being really tame about this argument right now. He usually is ripping me a new one.

Spock: *furrows brows* I have never once “ripped you a new one.” And, I will admit to not even comprehending what that phrase is supposed to convey.

Kirk: It’s… nevermind.

Spock: *quirks eyebrow*

Kirk: Your ass really is ass-sthetically pleasing.

Spock: *stares at Jim blankly before getting up and leaving*

Kirk: *laughs*

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